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aromatherapy - essential oils
massage (aromatherapy)
aromatherapy - essentials oils (correspondence)

aromatherapy - essential oils

The value of "plant hormones" for their healing, cleansing, preservative and mood enhancing properties, has been recognized for 6000 years.With great efficacy, essential oils enter and leave the body naturally, rarely producing any side effects.

This one day workshop provides the student with excellent detailed knowledge, on the healing properties and numerous methods of application of essential oils.

All written material is provided, outlining the qualities, properties and contra-indications of 29 of the most commonly used essential oils, together with storage tips, methods of application and safe uses for children.

Note: This class is also offered by correspondence. Please scroll down for details.

Workshop Length: 8 hours (1 full day or 2 half days) or Correspondence
Cost: $150.00.


massage (aromatherapy)

This 24 hour massage course covers a full body relaxation treatment. Specific emphasis is given on correct "sheet draping" to ensure privacy and dignity.

This massage course is not a registered programme, but provides a gentle, relaxing touch, which would allow essential oils to enter the bloodstream and administer their healing properties.

Essential Oils are not used during courses, as separate instruction is necessary to provide safety measures and prevent contra-indications.

Pre-requisite: aromatherapy - essential oils.

Workshop Length: 24 hours (3 full days or 6 half days)
Cost: $499.00.

aromatherapy - essential oils: correspondence

The course material, compiled in a "user-friendly" booklet, provides all information necessary to safely use 29 of the most commonly known and applied essential oils. The qualities, properties, and contra-indications are highlighted, together with storage tips, methods of applications and safe uses for children. Everything you need to know is in one package.

Also provided is a list of essential oils best used for certain body systems, together with case studies for study and analysis by you.

The latter are to be completed at your convenience, and returned to the School, in order to receive your certificate. Please notify the School when they are completed and we can arrange a suitable plan to obtain them.

Cost: $110.00.


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