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Ayurvedic (Indian) Head Massage

This certification course consists of theoretical and practical instruction. History and development of Ayurvedic Head Massage is covered and anatomy of the shoulders, neck, head and face is learned. Practical sessions throughout the course consist of massage of the shoulders, the upper back and arms, the neck, the head, and massage of the face and ears. Contra-indications are covered, and thorough knowledge of the marmas (pressure points) is learned. The bones of the spine, shoulders, face and skull are discussed as well as the systems in the body.

Knowledge of Chakras is taught, with special reference to the top four chakras which are worked in Indian Head Massage. Meditating on and Balancing the Chakras is also covered. Oils for massage are discussed.
You will learn how to complete an ayurvedic massage on a fully clothed client on a chair, plus you will learn how to complete an ayurvedic head massage on a massage table.

In order to certify as an Ayurvedic Head Massage Practitioner, 30 case studies are to be done, anatomy of the head and neck homework to be completed, and a practical and theoretical exam to be passed at 80% or more. Practical exam consists of successfully conducting a complete treatment on a tester, either on a chair or on a massage table.

This equates to a 100 hour certificate course in Ayurvedic Head Massage and includes a 100 page instruction manual, along with expert teaching of Ayurvedic Head Massage techniques.

Length: 3 days in-class
Cost: $650.00 plus $100 for the practical/written exam



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